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5 Reasons why the holy communion is so important


Communion is a significant religious event celebrated by many families around the world. It marks an important milestone in a child’s life and often brings with it a host of positive experiences and memories. Here are five reasons why communion is so important:

1. Spiritual significance

Communion is a sacramental event in the Catholic Church that symbolizes a child’s deep connection to their faith. By participating in the Eucharist, the child undergoes a spiritual experience that strengthens them on their religious journey and enables them to connect more deeply with God. It learns to consciously engage with its faith and learns to apply spiritual principles in everyday life.

2. Sense of community

Preparing for communion often brings families, friends and the community together. During the catechism lessons, during the preparations for the celebration and during the actual communion celebration, a strong sense of community is created, which supports the child and gives them the feeling of being part of a larger community. They experience the warmth and support of their loved ones, which gives them a feeling of security.

3. Personal Growth

Communion is an important step in a child’s personal growth. By preparing for the celebration and participating in communion, the child learns important values such as love, trust, compassion and gratitude and develops a deeper understanding of their religious identity. They begin to recognize and appreciate their role in the community and their responsibility towards others.

4. Tradition and customs

The celebration of communion is characterized by a variety of traditions and customs that are often passed down from generation to generation. Choosing the communion dress or suit, making invitations, decorating the church and celebrating together with family and friends are important parts of these traditions that make the event an unforgettable experience. These rituals strengthen family ties and give the child a sense of connection with their ancestors.

5. Creating memories

Communion is an event that gives children and their families many precious memories. From the preparations to the celebration to the festivities afterwards, precious moments are created that will be remembered for a lifetime. The child will remember the emotional atmosphere of the celebration, the warm congratulations from their loved ones and the joy of their spiritual growth. These memories are a precious gift that will accompany the child in the future.

Communion is therefore not only a religious ritual, but also an important celebration of life and faith. It offers children the opportunity to deepen their spiritual connection, experience community, grow personally, experience traditions and create precious memories.

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