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Connect with others & Collect great memories with high flexibility!
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  • No software download needed
  • Choose one of our templates to get started
  • Individualize your book as much as you like
  • Invite whoever you want to fill the book
  • Sharable version included
  • Stored for 1 month (€9,95 for 5 year storage)


Best choice if you want to give a valued person a special present!
51.95 - 69.95
  • All online advantages, plus
  • Get a printed copy**
  • Lang-lasting Hardcover binding
  • Best-price guarantee
  • 26 to 150 pages possible
  • We save one m² of rainforest (certificate incl.)


Best value-for-money option to keep memories long-term!
35.95 - 47.95
  • All online advantages, plus
  • Get a printed copy**
  • Softcover binding with great optic
  • Best-price guarantee
  • 26 to 150 pages possible
  • We save one m² of rainforest (certificate incl.)

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Give your favourite people the chance to connect with friends, colleagues and family to create their own memory book: with a gift voucher for the world’s most personal book!


Simply choose the type of the voucher (for an online book, magazine print or soft cover). You will receive an email with the gift voucher attached as PDF. Then you can print & wrap it – or just send it digitally.

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You want to order a copy later? Sure.

S (Up to 40 Pages)
M (Up to 60 Pages)
L (Up to 80 Pages)
XL (Up to 100 Pages)
XXL (Up to 140 Pages)

* The price to keep your book stored long-term is 9,95€

** Shipping prices are not included, see more info below

If you want to keep the flexibility and order a printed copy once the book is ready, the price will depends on the binding and the number of pages. 



And the pages are mainly influenced by how many people you invite and how many (different) pagetypes you add to the book. So with this flexible price model you only pay as much as you need. 


Let’s have a look at our Friendship Book-Example: 5 people participated, 11 images got uploaded, and 1 full-page image got added. Makes a total of 22 pages – booksize S.

Shared memories are the best memories.


That’s why we automatically apply a discount when you order multiple copies.

Just click on “Order Book” on your book overview and then select how many copies you need on the checkout page. Our substantial special discounts directly gets applied there! 


Order 2 books – get 10% on the total price

Order 3+ books – get 15% on the total price

Order 5+ books – get 20% on the total price

Order 10+ books – get 30% on the total price

Order 20+ books – get 40% on the total price


You plan a monstrous edition of 50+ books (or have a super custom request)? Get in touch with us to discuss special conditions!

Shipping & Delivery


Our books are shipped including tracking and priority for which we charge € 4,90.

Since each book needs to be printed individually, delivery will happen within 8 working days.


We also ship to other countries within Europe. Shipping comes with shipment tracking.

Since each book needs to be printed individually, and delivery to another country takes longer, you can expect 2-3 weeks from order to delivery.

We have two cost categories:

Category 1 –  6,90 € (Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)

Category 2 – 14,90 € (Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland)

Other Countries:

Please contact us if you would like to order a book to a different country.