Creating Memories,


Create books for all kinds of occasions – for yourself, your friends, the sports club, or your new coworker as a welcome gift!

become a creator yourself!


Start Right Here

wherever you are and whenever you want!

Make it Your Own

start with a template, but customize the design, content and questions how you like it.

Distribute Online

share your custom link with all participants. our platform helps you track progress and sends out reminders!

Get a real Book

order a proper book! we will send the real deal directly to you - or to someone else as a gift.


Bring Your teams together and foster a strong company culture.

Strengthen the bonds to and between Your employees!
Potential side effects: A great company image and the pole position in the battle for talent.

Create a Welcome Book Farewell Book Year Book Team Book


end Your Event or Training with the Memorable finish it deserves.

Events or trainings have a set duration, so make sure all attendants keep it in good memory! What starts with some strangers attending a rock climbing course, a Korean language class or a yoga retreat might evolve into happy clients and great references for your own business. 

Create a Group Book Wedding Book Travel Book Year Book


You can create Your own Book.

Creating should be a fun process. That’s why we built something You can use to easily create the book-framework of Your dreams.
Make it a group project and invite Your friends, family or colleagues, and fill it with all the amazing memories You made so far!

Create a Friendship Book Event Book Family Book Travel Book Anniversary Book


Engage your Members and Record what you Experienced Together.

Volunteering isn’t always fun, often it also means to motivate others to stick around and make time. Use our books as a tool to collect all those valuable memories and drive identity for Your lively community.

Create a Season Book . Anniversary Book Group Book

Now it's your turn!

Farewell Book
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