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Behind the scenes

HEY! We are Books4memories.


Our story is told in short:
Torsten and Constantin are long-time friends and have already successfully built up a company together. When they met together in the summer of 2020, it turned out that both of them had the idea of a digital friends book in their heads in parallel with their partners. So what could be more obvious than to join forces and work together on the new idea! The idea quickly became a project into which we are now putting a lot of work and commitment.


Alexander Gitter


HEY! I’m Alex and I always enjoy a small new technological challenge. Books4Memories allows me to apply my experience as full stack developer to build something from the ground up. Also, I really like the idea and think it has a nice potential of bringing people closer together.


Constantin Büker


HEY! My name is Constantin and I love to turn my ideas into reality by designing proper strategies and processes. As a manager, I enjoyed surprising my employees with thoughtful gifts. If the team had to join in (e.g. to fill out a bday-card): Hard to keep that secret; impossible when the team lives across the globe. I let these experiences flow into B4M.


Maika Kupfer


HEY! I’m Maika and I’m responsible for the operational implementation. Due to our son, we have been increasingly dealing with friend books for a few years now – a nice thing, but at some point I thought: Can’t it be simpler? With B4M we now offer a digital solution for very different occasions.

Nathalie Olszewski


HEY! I’m Nathalie and I love to innovate & improve things. With friends books, I lacked my own freedom to design the pages – the book was bought completely pre-made, and the overall process was inefficient. Now we’re building an alternative product with more flexibility in terms of design, content & use case. Just the umpteenth friend book would be boring.

Torsten Meyer


HEY! My name is Torsten and I am responsible for sales and marketing. I always liked the idea of friend books – but the implementation (create & fill out) was often very time-consuming and is no longer up to date. And so we came up with the idea for books4memories.

We are a proud partner of:

Tico Rico

Starting in 2024, every book purchased helps to preserve 1m² of rainforest in Costa Rica to save nature in cooperation with our new partner TicoRico.

TicoRico is building a nature conservation project, which starts at one of the most important points of all. The conservation of nature.

Nature conservation in many projects is like a bottomless pit; if the basis is not protected, every effort of reforestation is seen as short term and not sustainable. The broad of a nature conservation is not only a simple “plant a tree”; but a much deeper concern to preserve and regenerate the ecosystem nature with its diversity.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Previously, we partnered with Eden Projects and planted a tree for every printed copy sold in order to limit our footprint and do something meaningful.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that works to reforest forests in developing countries. Eden Projects works hand in hand with local villages and communities that suffer great poverty due to deforestation. The organisation employs thousands of local people and provides the knowledge needed to plant, grow and protect trees. To date, Eden Projects has replanted over 1,000,000,000 trees.