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Unique books for unique talents.

Our customizable books make a difference and create a lasting employee experience!
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Joint bookcreation in three easy steps:

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Start with one of our templates, but customize design, content & questions however your want.
Share your personal link with all participants. Our platform helps you track progress & sends out reminders.
Everyone’s done editing? We’ll send the finished book directly to you or to someone else as a gift.

The advantages are clear:

Boost Loyalty

An appreciative company culture increases trust & loyalty in the team.


Positive, collective memories create a sense of longing.

Better the branding

Organisations become more attractive and drive their employer branding.

Support where it counts:

We support organisations in various stages throughout the employee life cycle. 

The focus is on two crucial stages:


Pre-Onboarding is considered the time between contract signature and the first working day in the new organisation. This stage is especially characterized by insecurity and uncertainty.

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This is how we help you:


New employees will be able to get to know their new colleagues early on a personal level which drives trust and creates a first connection. As a resullt, the retention is increased and the new tealent will experience the optimal start in your new organisation!


A positive severance culture is the key to a successful offboarding-process. And for leaving team-members, the farewell is a very emotional and important moment.

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This is what you will achieve:

An appreciative and positive offboarding experience that increases the happiness, loyalty and motivation (in the remaining) team. Saying goodbye in this way will leave a lasting impression and so former employees may become future partners or multipliers.


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