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We empower companies and organizations to strengthen the bonds to their employees, and thus improve their company image and chances in the battle for talent.


So, Do you take employee Satisfaction Personally?

Employee Life Cycle

I’m a…

It is hard and always gets harder to not just find, but also attract good talent. The war is on! With Books4Memories we give You a new approach for this. Use the books to connect Your employees better. And in times of social platforms, have Your company profit from the positive reactions these ultra-personal books cause. Let Your company shine out there!

You as a Team Lead or Manager are all too often just judged based on the performance of Your team by the management. But without a strong team identity and cohesion things would probably fall apart. Books4Memories gives You a quick & easy to use tool to show appreciation and to get Your people closer to one another.

It seems like it’s always crunch time, doesn’t it? And both Your time and budget is super scarce - the focus needs to be on recruiting the best talent. With our ultra-personal books You have a great tool at hand to easily improve the general recognition and strengthening the bonds between all employees. And the best thing: It's literally no effort because You just define the frame, and the colleagues do the rest - Divide & Conquer at its best!

Employers seem to overlook the relational elements that are key drivers for why employees are leaving, such as lack of belonging or feeling valued at work.

Study on Attrition

Use our B2B-ready Themes

Welcome Book

Create the ideal welcome gift for new employees, together with your team members!


Farewell Book

Say goodbye to your employees with a Farewell Book and stay positive!


Contact Us 4 Cooperation

In case You want to integrate our books into Your general practices at Your organization (for instance to support certain phases within the employee life cycle like the onboarding, recognition, and farewell), feel free to get in touch with us to discuss options of the cooperation (including aspects of integration, roll-out, additional functionality, costs, etc.)