Welcome to
OUR B4M-Beta!

We are super-duper thrilled to open up our newly-designed website and the freshly-hatched web-application *taking a deep breath* that allows You to create books together – WOOHOOO! 


Saying Hello!


Some Points before you start


It's a Beta

This means, we're short before our official release. You can use it already and share Your experiences and opinions with us so that we can improve it.

Goodies for You

Get the Online Book for free by using the Code "Share4Free" - or a Printed Book for 50% of the price with "HelloB4M"

Share Your Feedback

Share all Your thoughts with us - this will help us A LOT!

Please Report Issues

Tell us what is not working properly

Are You ready to go?

We think You’re absolutely ready for it!

So go, check it out, have fun – and share Your feedback and observations with us


ps: please be kind, not all is working perfectly yet

pps: most pages are still password-secured – use “123456”